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Foam is one of the most common used mascot materials in the mascot production, Professional foam costume mascot line that is affordable in Aris Mascots , it’s a very versatile material with several different types of foam available on the market today which are used for the basic structure of most mascots. The foam used in the mascot can be v ery rigid and sturdy, and highly flexible and easy to move.


The foam we use for our mascots ranges from very rigid (usually used for feet and heads) to very flexible (used for things like the bodysuit). All of our foams are breathable and lightweight while not trapping moisture—discouraging the growth of bacteria and mould.The most common varieties of foams that we used are EVA, EPE, Sponge and EPS .

EVA foam is generally used for the heads and feet of our mascots. This foam is very dense and durable and doesn’t absorb moisture, which means it can easily be wiped clean after use.

EPE foam is dense but more porous, and is used for creating intricate details on mascots—usually on their heads. EPE foam is used in areas that require a softness, like cheeks, hair. We make them squishable!

In the below first two pictures, the left one is EVA foam, the right one is EPE foam.

Sponge foam is used when we have to “build out” our mascots, like a big belly or chest. We sandwich this light weight foam between layers of sports mesh to ensure the costume is still breathable for the wearer.

  EPS foam is low density,lightweight and strong plasticity, the cost is less than fiberglass material, it doesn’t need to make mold. Fully engraved on one piece and creat vivid looks. EPS Foam mascots are widely used for stage props, theaters,hotels, parks, shopping malls, exhibitions, stores, window displays, animation game models, etc.

When it comes to fabrics, we also try to use lightweight breathable materials, keeping in mind the comfort of the person wearing the costume. The different types of fabrics we use range from faux fur/fleece, antron (muppet) fleece, Bur-fab (Veltrex), poly/cotton twills and heavy-duty spandex. We’ll use any type of fabric that will give us the look you want—but we’ll never sacrifice on the quality.

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