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Here are some tips for mascot wearer when give a performance for entertainment

1.Remember that acting is your job, that is, to have a sense of substitution. Generally, professional mascots have the given characteristics (you can also see from the costumes). For example, you are acting fat mascot, then you generally don’t run, because a fat man with such flexbility is rare in the world. You will subvert people’s perception, but this is not good at all; for example, you pretend to be scary in halloween

2. Don't talk, Talking will only ruin the image when wear a mascot for performance. It is 100% workable to replace it with body movements. In fact, you only need to communicate with tourists by waving your hands , getting angry,stomping your feet, Shy, please, these basic moves most of the time. Getting good command of these is enough to deal with most situations.

3. Move Rhythmically , the mascot should not be still. Otherwise, why do you have to wear it? Find the plastic model will be ok; but don’t over acted. A crazy mascot is difficult to get close to children and some introverted tourists. they will only look at you from a distance, not knowing what you are crazy for, and then leave. Pay attention to the sense of  thythm when you are moving. When facing a child,  slowly and gently pass over and draw him over;  use a normal speed for young people, which will make you look more lively and active.

4. Be Happy, there are many mascot actors and some of them have already left this filed. In addition to salary issues, most of the time it is because of unhappy and dislike being beaten by naughty kids, I don’t like to mess around with some tourists, it's too hot wear mascot in summer and so on. But if you really love, don't worry about too much gains and losses. After all, you have gained a lot of happiness. Many children like you and are willing to hug you. you bring lots of joy and fun to them

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